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We are having a holiday open house at the quilt store I work at (seems early but people need time to sew!) and my legs and vest look adorable

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Inspired by one particular picture

but with stockings and stuff


This needs like 500% more notes

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According to my dad and Good Morning America today is some kind of ‘wear purple for pride’ day thing. So purple vest to work it is! :)

EDIT: Ahhh it’s Spirit day!  “Spirit Day is annual day in October when millions of Americans wear purple to speak out against bullying and to show their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth.”

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I never did share pics of the vest I got yesterday.

I actually don’t have much to wear with it just as every day so I feel like a derp. But I wore it today. With my Hufflepuff necklace because Hufflepuff gives no fucks.

Wear it with a button-up, doesn’t even have to be plain white button-up.  With how flare cut the back is yea it’ll look funny with most other shirts.

Besides that, looking nice Duckie! Rrrrrrow.

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hands on

If Jaeger had a blog, this would be him going “VHAT A VHASTE OF A BUNCH OF PERFECTLY GUTE GLOVES.”  :P 

Though I think it’s really damn cool.

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Neo-victorian / steampunk. Sometimes classy, mostly just brassy. When it’s done well, it’s wonderful… note that none of these dapper gentlemen has a fucking Nerf Maverick anywhere in sight.

If you didn’t already have an erection…


SUDDENLY, CRAVATS God I wanna draw my Medics in this shit right now

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Get on me all of you beautiful suits.

*would wear ALL of these*

*Also would jump a lady wearing any of these*

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#UNF #vest #sexy #clothes #do want 
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( Also I know it’s a dummy and not black vinyl gloves on there but it just adds to the whole look too nnfhfjajadgh )

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Photos from the always lovely femme Solider, who pulled me aside at Otakon!  :)   Originals here.  For more of Archimedes go here.

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Spy Vest - DONE

I’ll share these before bed, some quick snaps of my Spy vest!  This is the first time I made a vest, and also first time using fusible interfacing.  I cut up the skirt that came with my Spy jacket for the fabric (as it was a chick suit set from goodwill so well it came with a skirt *eye roll* ) so it would match my jacket.  I made it with a male vest pattern so it’s not darted for ladies, it will help flatten me out looks wise for the cross-play.

It doesn’t look like something that should be so complicated, as I even skipped doing the welt pockets, but this damn thing took me like all day…well that was also cause I fucked up at one point and had to rip some stitches, but it all turned out okay in the end! 

Even with a vest buckle in the back ;3

Pro button holes, I figured out how to use the buttonhole features on my fancy smancy sewing machine.

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OH GOD U GAIS, I’m using fusible interfacing for the first time. Making a spy vest to match my jacket. (cut up the skirt that came with it! :D )

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I think I’ve out done myself this time.

NNgggggg with the back synch and everything, WANT.

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full-on-zombie replied to your photo: MEET THE MEDIC, MY FACE FOREVER

I instantly thought of you when I saw Medic had a vest on. I remember Jimm saying to you in the hotel, “You wear a vest with your cosplay?”..and you smiled and said, “How do you know he doesn’t?” Hehe…

I was SO happy to see him in that sexy vest! I’ve always imagined him with one, so I always wore it under my cosplay.  Here is us at New Years Ikkicon 2009(10).  Mine even looks just like that one, just gray (well as I AM a blu medic) :>

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Oh hellO~


Can never not re-blog fuckin sexy suits ‘n’ clothes.  <3  God I’d wear this so hard.

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