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The video footage we got of me slowly going into the river in full tentaspy costume.  You may recall the results of this endeavor in these photos (other sets linked in description)!  It DID feel pretty cool with all those tentacles in the water - they floated a little so they seemed to have minds of their own.  Other voices you hear are Zenami (photographer) And Charity (filming the video).

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Follow Lithe-Fider plush/cosplay on FaceBook

Follow this fan page on facebook for only updates on plush and cosplay.  I mostly post plush for sale atm but I plan to do more with it in the future.  I still post more on tumblr but it’s a good if you use facebook more then tumblr.  :)

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We found a tentaspy in the river outside BLU base at Sawmill.

( aka Preview of a photo shoot we did - photos to come <3 )

(EDIT: Photos under the photoshoot tag on my blog!  c: )





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Extra pudgy owl!  This one would look good hung up as a decoration too.  Hand made wool felt on the front, with recycled, felted wool sweater on the wing / tail backs, and other fabrics as accent.  Working on a batch of these atm, look for them in my etsy store in the coming week.  :) 

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An in progress scrappy style plush :)  I still want to add paw pads and a scrappy skirt, but she looks cute as is now too!  The stripey parts are recycled wool sweater.  I’m still working out the torso pattern so this one is a prototype and for myself.  I am happy with the head though!

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I’m assuming because of my nationally published STUFFED Magazine article I’ve gotten some attention!  Sold 5 things on Etsy this past week.  <3  Mailed 3 off today that sold while I was away.

Here is my article, if you’d like to see it in person pick up a copy of the current Stuffed Magazine which came out July 1, should be available at major book stores and craft / Joanns stores.  :)

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Some more handmade plush owlets newly listed on my Etsy.  <3  If you got any questions just ask!

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Cutie just posted on Etsy (click for listing).  :D

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I share my technique of how I wet felt wool roving into little tight sheets of felt, good for cutting up for projects!  Dressed as BLU Medic for kicks. :D  (Sorry if I seem all stiff I haven’t done a how-to in foreverrrakfsgl)

I cover all parts of the process. (Be sure to buy wool that is NOT labeled ‘superwash’ - that will not felt)  I use wool like this to make plush creatures:

Artist dyed wool used in this example was from: but I buy from many Etsy sellers.

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It’s late, so have some random good pics of the second batch of Quizzy plushies. Now up in my Etsy store!  :)  Such little cuties!

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Lithe apparently is hard for people to pronounce

Especially for foreigners X3 

I was chatting with Kaleviaz (From Czech) and Kyrie (Italian) - tho only Kal was on the voicechat we were all texting.

LitheFider: (to Kal) You say my name so funny and cute haha

LitheFider: it’s one syllable

KyrieFortune: Is it pronounced like Light?


LitheFider: long ‘i’ rhymes with scythe, it’s a real word lol

KyrieFortune: So it’s pronunoucned “light”

LitheFider: noooo

LitheFider: rhymes with scythe

KyrieFortune: Scythe rhymes with light

LitheFider: no it doesn’t XD

LitheFider: wat

(Then Kal goes to Webster dictionary to play the pronunciation for ‘Lithe’ for everyone)

LitheFider: SEE.  LOL.  there is a ‘th’ sound


LitheFider: omg I’m dying hahaha

In the end of course everyone realized the native English speaker was right after people looked up how to say ‘Light’ and ‘Scythe’.  (Apparently ‘th’ is a hard sound for those languages) But then again I make an ass of myself on a daily basis butchering trying to pronounce French.  Foreign stuff is hard to pronounce. XD

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Tumblr raised the gif size limit to 1mB and I didn’t know?!

This calls for a gif of that random HD clip some dude got of me in the Zenkaikon dealers room walking around like ‘O HEY YEA I’M A MEDIC, WIE GEHT’S MOTHAFUCKER’

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Arrietty the Borrower scouts out Anime Boston!  From the Miyazaki movie version of course.

This was my debut of the costume, I made everything myself from scratch except the boots under the boot covers.  :) page for more info.

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Fresh batch of tasty reaction gifs