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Valve / TF2 Gatherings at Katsucon


Of course!  It’s for all Valve games, and for everyone!  We mostly get TF2 but lots of Portal as well, and also Left 4 Dead and if we are lucky some Half-life!  Here is the thread.

Friday:  Valve PJ Party - Casual gathering after dinner time (starting around 10pm) - Location is a cluster of couches by the loading loop doors at the end of the Artist Alley/Dealers Room hallway - basically keep walking past the Alley away from the con center towards the hotel parking garage, you’ll pass the bathrooms on your right, and at the end of the hall there are a cluster of couches.

Saturday: Valve Shoot…. 2PM.  Located at the doors across from Gazebo area.  :)  All Valve games welcome!

Pass this around so people know!