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Answer for a cosplay ask, also mini spy balaclava tutorial.

<3 I found my suit parts at goodwill - if you keep looking around at thrift stores eventually you’ll find a blue suit of some kind that fits (or fits enough to take in). I made my vest though (from the skirt that came with the suit jacket!)

You could also make your own suit of course to make it SUPER accurate to the game - cause good luck finding a suit THIS color and with paint chalk style pinstripes:

Though tbh I think a well dressed BLU Spy cosplayer can rock it in a non-accurate suit long as the suit FITS, is actually BLUE (not black…BLUE) and is pinstriped. That and having all the other details good (a NICE mask, shoes, sock garters, accessories like a balisong and sapper, etc). Also performance matters of course.

Also I like to say I am like…a Beta Spy perhaps, as his suit was a duller dolor (Is why I often wear the armbands and a striped tie).

Also have a good mask.

For the love of god make your mask, it isn’t hard.

Here I’ll even make a balaclava tutorial cause I’m sick of seeing shitty spy masks:

I’m not the only good spy cosplayer out there, but this is how I did things: I use spandex for my newest mask as then you only need one seam up the back (and then perhaps a dart across the back of the head to prevent bunching). You can also use a stretchy cotton knit but then you can’t make the neck as super snug (you won’t be able to get it over your head without popping stitches).

Fold a piece of spandex in half, and have a friend safety pin it up the back to fit your head. Take it off, even out the seam with the pins, try it back on. If it looks good, mark it and then sew on the line! SEW WITH A STRETCH STITCH set relativity close together, and a stretch needle. If you don’t know what that is look it up (how long have you had your sewing machine?).

Then put it on sewn up, and have a friend mark with a marker where your eyes and mouth are. Take off, cut little holes, put back on. Now you yourself can mark where the final cut lines (Spy’s mask look) will be.

You may or may not look creepy at this stage.

BEFORE you cut out the mouth area fully...put on the mask INSIDE OUT and safety pin where your front neck seam will be. Then sew that. Then go cut the mouth hole.

When you cut it all out your mask will sorta look like this when laid flat inside-out. The nose area will have a dip on the bottom too as that part stretches and covers your nose underneath (as spy’s does). 


Clip the curves so they lay flatter (this is sewing inverted stuff 101)

You also can add 1-2 darts across the back of the head to make it curve better (I did this on my second balaclava), but you don’t HAVE to if you are not a good sewer, the make will still work but will bunch in the back a bit.


Now you can be a trolling asshole handsome rogue too!

PROTIP:  Use fashion/flash tape (or double-stick tape if you are cheap like me) to stick the mask to your face on your chin, nose, and forehead.  Then it will look legit (and stay in place)!

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