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Batik bird for my friend Amanda, she sent me the fabrics as she works at a fabric store.  c:

This is actually a 30% reduced size Archimedes pattern, instant normal artsy bird!  I love birds.

Posted: Fri December 23rd, 2011 at 10:31pm
Tagged: birds plush batik fabric crafts
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    If anyone really wants to show that they love me, they will Make Me / Buy Me those little seasonal birds you see on sail...
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    This is so pretty it’s just freakin’ indecent.
  5. heartsnbruises said: YAAAAAY~ I showed him to all my coworkers and they want one of their own! (I named him Erasmus)
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    AHHHH so great.
  7. annilylf said: OH PRETTY BABY aaahhh lithe your crafts i can’t handle them ;u;
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