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I loved Aburame Ichizoku too!!!! Your story and art are AMAZING!!!!!! (glad to see your other followers love it too (though I might be the old one who'd seen your 'older' stuff.) ps. Your Tentaspy cosplay is the most badass thing ever.

FFtttt so much Aburame LOVE.  <3  And yea it’s not just you it seems.  Also thanks for the tentaspy compliment, it’s super fun to wear!

I like to think I was decently well known in the (older) Naruto fandom for all my Aburame clan development, most of which was completely canon-viable (no overpowered OC’s, stuff in line with the main timeline, jutsu following known canon abilities), to the point where my imagined mom for Shino is fanon and some people even thought she was official and were asking to see where she was shown in the manga.

That and she just makes a damn fine pin up model.

Kaho Pin-ups by ~Lithe-Fider

Posted: Fri December 23rd, 2011 at 1:44pm
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