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The entire Bad business relationship is summed up in this here comic :D

Oh dear lord hahaha

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For whentheoceanmetsky ’s dg.kdfhdf amazingly excellent bee/wasp blacksand, I am sobbing over how much I like these designs, so I had to contribute some fanart. 

Gorgeous OuO Also the all black buggy eyes suit Pitch very much of course <3

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All you Benny /Good Cop Bad Cop shippers would be happy to see this Lego Videogame snippit

- you get an extended GCBC helping the others after he clears the robots for them.  It’s cute how Benny is like DON’T TOY WITH ME MAN when Bad Cop is describing there are parts in the server room they could use to build a ship to get to Bricksburg. Then they team spends like 5 minutes gathering parts for Benny to build the spaceship.

Though in the game apparently they cut out the scene where they melt poor Good Cop, so they also cut the scene where he draws him back on.  Bad cop suddenly then is talking in sorta Good Cop’s voice but it’s still obviously Bad Cop’s face haha.  Oh videogames.

Also cute is here ( ) when Metalbeard is questioning why is Bad cop helping?  And Unikitty is all cute like ‘oh he’s nice now!’ and Metalbeard is like ‘if you trust him Unikitty that’s good enough for me’.  Unikitty <33

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Sonic Colors OST - YouTube

I like to work to videogame music - there is something driving about it!  Especially Sonic music, which also is nostalgic for me as the tracks form the old games are freaken engrained into my brain. 

But this is the soundtrack to a modern Sonic Game - Sonic Colors (Wii, 2010).  It has a really orchestrated sound overall, unusual for Sonic!  But it still has those same driving electronic tunes in the main Act’s songs.  Especially check out the ‘game land’ tracks for cute 32-bit versions of the area’s themes.  The title theme ‘Reach for the Stars’ is really fun and inspiring. 

Aquarium Park stands out for me theme wise.  It sounds oriental (on purpose) and the tracks are both calming but driving. 

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Anonymous Asked:
Your GCBC cosplay is so great! Can I ask where you got the helmet for it?

Aww thanks anon UuU  Glad you like the preview pics so far!

I got it off Ebay!  It was gently used so was pretty cheap ($20 including shipping). If you search for “3/4 helmet” or “Open Face helmet” you will find the right kind.  You will need to paint it of course (to add the black stripe, or to add the white part if you find a black one).  Go for a ‘moped’ rated one if you can (though they don’t always say on Ebay what speed the helmet is rated for)…a full motorcycle one will be a little heavier  (Even the one I got that is ‘for mopeds’ is like 3.2 pounds).  Yeaaa I could have found something lighter/smaller maybe but I wanted the real deal.  XD

The visors on those kinds of motorcycle helmets snap on and off so even if it is without a visor or it’s the wrong kind of visor you can buy the right kind separately if need be. 

Also be sure to measure your head to get the right size!  Definitely buy within your size range, the first one I got (a medium) was too big…I am an XS according to helmet sizing. (My head is 21”).  The XS is still pretty roomy for me around the ears haha. 

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The Jetzons vs Sonic 3 - Hard Times(Ice Cap Zone Act 1 & 2 remix)

"Long was it believed one of Michael Jackson’s tracks was a basis for Ice Cap Zone. But the direct link is with the Jetzons song called ‘Hard Times’, an almost exact replica of Ice Cap Zone Act 1. Brad Buxer, who was MJ’s keyboardist, worked on both."

Fascinating!  Indeed the song even alone sounds identical to Ice Cap Zone. I love it, cause I love the chord changes in Ice Cap so <3

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Posted with permission from the original creator, please respect the original artist’s wishes and do not repost.

My buddy Jarvis AKA VenturerTheHybrid showing off his awesomness with his brand spanking new GCBC laser gun! A pretty slick little prop, if I do say so myself. I can’t wait to see what he does to build the rest of the costume!

Aw heck yea I feel awesome that I found the best found object to make this thing out of LOL.  But yea, looks awesome Valiax!  Will definitely really complete your outfit.  Can’t wait for pics when you get it together!  ouo

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some of these days ya know

so true it hurts

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Sonic 3 & Knuckles Full OST

These songs will be engrained in my brain till the day I die.

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Just a reminder that I have a crazy webcomic about alien mermaids and robots. Coming out of hiatus very soon. You can read the full comic here

or check out the tumblr 

Cool stuff!


Holy wow need to check this out

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guys i wore these heat-resistant sleeves today to clean the friers and they were super ridiculous right

i mean lookit them


and i realized







He’s still a tool lol, but wow that - MY WHOLE WORLD IS CHANGED.

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So I’m in costume at Dragon Con and I had to pee and my friend took this picture of me and I just…


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Anonymous Asked:
your head canons are neat to read, they kinda remind me of paperspot

I can get really into analyzing characters/series that catch my imagination X3.  Glad you were enjoying my Lego ones!

And paperspot posts some really great analysis / head canons too so wow that is a nice compliment! Thanks so much!  UuU

#legos #aww #anon #answer 
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"There’s no place like home, dearie…"

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Finally saw the Lego Movie yesterday. AAAAAW MAN, WHAT A LITTLE GEM WE GOT HERE! I haven’t seen such a fresh movie in ages! ;w;
It’s fun, it’s epic, it’s sometimes deep -yes yes, deep, I mean it-, every single character is deliciously charismatic… Yes, definitely a must-seen movie! -I personnaly found it way better than *KOF*Frozen*KOF*-
And to change a bit, guess for who I had a little crush? A BAD GUY! haha… How original coming from me…
I love this schizophrenic, sexy-voiced lad that is Bad Cop/Good Cop. UvU I loved this very short part so much ~<3

Super accurate portrayal of what happened hahaha <3