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The Original Broadway Cast of Disney’s The Lion King

Mufasa :: Sarabi :: Young Nala and Simba :: Simba :: Nala:: Rafiki :: Pumba and Timon :: Zazu :: Scar :: The Hyenas (Ed, Shenzi, and Banzai)

This was one of the most amazingly costumed Broadway shows I’ve ever seen.

It’s hands down the most stunning show ever.

These are all just so PERF. I need to see this musical at least once in my life.

Love these forever and ever, especially Scar and Zazu.

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More Cop Bros cuteness, with me (Bad Cop) and aliceapproved (Good Cop) from when we got to hang at my place. :)

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"Who did this to you?"


The Boogeyman bared a bitter smile.  He lifted skeletal arms toward the domed sky of midnight, toward eternity and all the dead lights called stars.  
All of them, souls that could not be saved from oblivion.
         Many of them, souls he had himself laid to waste. 

He proffered his palms, as if the blood stains on them were still visible.

                                           is innate, 
y o u  s e e. 

                               It cannot be expunged.  

                   And it is NO ONE’S FAULT 

but M I N E. 


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My mom is in a fandom part 2

  1. theotherwesley said: Bless ur mom XD does she ship the thing?
  2. cosmictuesdays said: Has she seen the “Hey Big Spender” vid?

My mom says she doesn’t super ship any specific Person of Interest characters persay, like an ‘equal opportunity shipper’ she said.  But she does like ‘Careese’ (Carter/Reese) especially as it is super canon, and she is ttly down with Root and Shaw and says it is ‘adorable’.  She said she likes Rinch (Reese/Finch) is cute/cool.

cosmictuesdays yea she said she saw it haha.

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(Adding sources cause Google Image Search is a thing and I hated to reblog these gorgeous arts without source: Pixiv Id 483786, and Pixiv ID 403610)

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My mom is in a fandom
Me: Hey mom-
Mom: Can't talk, watching a fan vid.
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petition to change the pride flag to pastel colors because that shit is easier on the eyes


✞☯follow for more soft homo☯✞

I just want everything to be pastel rainbows

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In remaking my badge I wanted to try and sculpt it this time for a ‘real officer look’ as officer badges have like, texture and embossing and shit.  I used sculpey and went at it. To get the curve I built up a little tin foil bump it laid on for baking.  The main black part is ‘bend’n’bake’ sculpey which is flexible after baking as I was worried about cracking in a thin shape like this I have to pin onto a stiff jacket. (Though using Premo! Sculpey would have been fine too, that stuff is also a little flexible and is much stronger then normal sculpey, I just had this on hand.)  Hope it works out okay with the pinning part!  I love how turned out regardless tho…

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Women’s clothing listings on Ebay that don’t list basic laid flat measurements




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"Only on [system I don’t have]!"


If it ain’t available on PC nowadays I be like:

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Underworks binder, too tight, weh.

I ordered a #988. The fullest part of my ribcage/chest (around my A cup boobs) is 33-34” which put me in the middle of the ‘Small’ size according to their chart.  Also most small women online always talked about getting the small or extra small. 

I get the binder and I could barely get it on, (I knew this pullover type was hard tho so I figured once it was on it’d be ok) but once it was on it was very snug, I could breathe fine, but after just one a minute I tried to bend over and my sternum hurt.  I took it off right away.  My chest was sore the next day.  The elastic in it is VERY POWERFUL.  Like HOLY SHIT POWERFUL.  My ribcage must be too weak to take it??  Most people seem to love these binders from Underworks. 

I do not think a medium would help as then it would be too wide (as it was loose around my waist, I’m pretty thin) the binding part is only around the top of the chest area under the tank part of it).  I’m returning it.  :(  Sad though as a now I’ve lost $12 in shipping money weh (to buy the thing then to ship it back of course).   

I wish I’d just ordered another one like the one I lost in the car theft (I had the j003 from Lesloveboat).  That one was a hassle sometimes with the Velcro on the side, but it made me ttly flat, was comfortable, and I could wear it all day no problem and no pain at all (because it was not TOO tight, just right).  But they are like double the cost of underworks binders and I was trying to both save money and support an American company buying from Underworks.  Oh well.

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Born in Hiroshima, 1975.
Shintaro Ohata is an artist who depicts little things in everyday life like scenes of a movie and captures all sorts of light in his work with a unique touch: convenience stores at night, city roads on rainy day and fast-food shops at dawn etc. His paintings show us ordinary sceneries as dramas. He is also known for his characteristic style; placing sculptures in front of paintings, and shows them as one work, a combination of 2-D and 3-D world.

Japanese artist Shintaro Ohata (previously) currently has two new sculptural paintings on view at Mizuma Gallery in Singapore. Ohata places vibrantly painted figurative sculptures in the foreground of similarly styled paintings that when viewed directly appear to be a single artwork. In some sense it appears as though the figures have broken free from the canvas. These artworks, along with several of his other paintings, join works by Yoddogawa Technique, Enpei Ito, Osamu Watanabe, and Akira Yoshida, for the Sweet Paradox show that runs through August 10th

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oh my god this stuff is gorgeous

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Realtalk about Pitch in Mightyneed's livestream
bowlingforgerbils: "We need his robe cleavage to be lower! LOWER!"
EmeraldEmbers: "Lets make that cleavage go lower. Lower. Lowerrrrrr. Actually lets make it INFINITE"
EmeraldEmbers: The question nobody had bothered to answer before, "Why does cleavage have to end?"
LitheFider: *DIES*
mistermansnoozie: because having an outfit with a shirt so low we can almost see all of his cleavage is so spooky
Stertle: >w>
bowlingforgerbils: hahaha
LitheFider: Black hole of chest cleavage
LitheFider: you fall in and never get out
bowlingforgerbils: yes, his cleavage really contributes to the spookiness
Stertle: and Sandy just gets sucked in
mistermansnoozie: that sandy gets sucked into
Stertle: doho
EmeraldEmbers: So scare. Much spook.
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mmm mindspace cop cuddles feat. badcop being a protective dork

HHggnnn I just want all the cop bros cuddling all the timeee.