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Accurate. Rumple is the Google of Once Upon a Time.

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Rumple, no.

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Pixar’s 22 rules to phenomenal storytelling (click in the pictures to zoom)

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Finally almost done the next chapter of ‘Better off Without Me’.  Figured I’d jog people’s memories with a little preview excerpt as I’ve not updated since late August  ;)

“So umm…going by your given name again then eh?  Daniel right?” Business nervously grinned up at his old henchman.

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With Asexual awareness week coming up October 26 - November 1 -

I just wanted to put out there that  I am just so amazed at the lovely spectrum of sexuality recognized today.  I am really happy people are able to explore and be whatever is most comfortable for them.  It’s awesome how varied and different everyone is.  But I just wanted to give a reminder - no one is a stereotype and a label doesn’t define you.

We slap labels on ourselves and others to categorize things, that is what humans do and part of how we draw together and understand things around us.  But no one is a stereotype and no one is exactly the same.  You can never make broad assumptions about someone based on their sexuality / orientation any more then you can about the color of their skin or their racial background.  Any friend or lover, as you become closer get to know THEM.  :)  And be happy in your shared likes and your diverse differences.   

Also it’s okay if your identity may change a bit as you grow older and realize more about yourself.  Labels can help identify but never let them hold you back from what makes you most happy.  At the same time you don’t need to ‘experiment’ to ‘validate’ whatever you feel.  I hate it when people tell Asexuals ‘how do you know you don’t like sex if you have never tried it.’  For example I identify as a lesbian, and have never had sex with a man.  How do I know I don’t like it?  Cause I can’t imagine doing any of the sexual things I like to do to a women to a man.  It has been highly unappealing to me my whole adult life, and I have no desire to do it.  That simple.  I don’t have to prove anything any more then any other sexuality.  No one owes anyone anything or needs to prove anything no matter what.

Sexuality is not like trying foods, you should not be pressured into trying the apples if oranges are what you desire, nor does you liking oranges need to be validated by trying apples first, and you are not  ‘picky eater’ if you desire none of the above.     

So yea, hell yea to coming together, hell yea to the spectrum of sexuality.  Respect each other, and be aware of the Asexual A in LGBTQA especially next week.  <3  Cha!

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i would frame this and put it on my wall

Okay that is really freaken clever.

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Nope no help no

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I was snapchatting Dmns with my favourite bloodstained birb and I started to make a stupid story. I should really. REALLY. Be doing university work ( O v O ) coo coo.


Bab  ;u;

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How to be a great cosplayer


  • Are you having fun?
  • Are you nice to other cosplayers?

If you are, you are a great cosplayer

End of story 

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atem’s fashion choices tho

Yami trying to pile on the jewelry makes me giggle every time.

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You know I dunno how good an idea it is to put the house brand doggie ice cream right next to all the human ice cream…it looks like human house brand ice cream?? Wat?? Not sure?

#lol #ok 
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john freeman → inspirational quotes

If you don’t laugh at this video we can’t be friends.

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Thanks for your advice and/or kind words, they really helped and I feel a lot better about the issue.  Cha <3