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My favorite thing about Medic is the fact that he physically looks like he’d be a really big threat all by himself, but in reality he’s a huge weenie who needs the entire team to protect his dumb ass. I bet he trips over his shoelaces most of the time.

He needs the entire team to protect him? That’s new to me.

Battle Medics ftw 



I think the entire team needs him to protect their asses

Never underestimate a medic because as soon as you do, they’ll jam their übersaw up your ass and walk away laughing.

I’ve done a ton of damage with my critsaw Bonesaw when I had to.  Also you should see me curve the needles on my Blutsauger.  Never underestimate a Medic.

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I just wanna kiss your version of GcBc ❤️ they're so adorable


Awww, do you really?

Thanks, buddy! Glad you think so!

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@countsassmaster said eyebrow furry and this was all I could think of, I’m sorru.

But does EyebrowFurry!Lord B digivolve into MetalGearAwesome!Solid snake?

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please look at this gif of unikitty being adorable


ok thank u

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GCBC is a dorito and a big dork

a dorkito

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I tried to draw what I think Pitch looks like in the books, since the pic with Katherine wasn’t too revealing. And um… Well I only had this for reference and it didn’t give me much to work with when it came to what’s under that cape.

I really didn’t mean to make this so provocative. 

But now I realize why he had no shirt in the movie. 

I don’t think he likes shirts.

Not only did Pitch become fear incarnate he also forgot how-to-clothes.

This is really great hhggnn,

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being a 21+ year old in a fandom full of preteens and teens image

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Give up, Emmet

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A Tentaspy in Vermont (Gen / TF2 spin off fic)

I intend to write another 2 parts to this but part 1 is up (3,000 words):


A Tentaspy who has been hiding his existence for three years is finally caught. As he is transported to a different location by BLU he ends up stranded in the New England wilderness.


While in Vermont we went to some pretty gorgeous swimming holes. I jump in with my mask and flippers, and am always really inspired visiting these places as it makes be imagine all the nooks and crannies a water monster would hide in. I decided to write a self-indulgent little ficlet using my OC tentaspy (known as Dominique) exploring him getting to navigate the wilds for the first time. Even wrote it in first person for maximum ‘being there’ feel. If you know my main fic with him know this is total AU from that storyline.

Anyway, enjoy the water monster fun times.

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Bad Cop’s smile appreciation post





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Team Fortress 2 concept art by Moby Francke (Part 4 of 4).

Concept art boners.

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wallabygod Asked:
Hullo there! I was wondering what are some of your cosplay plans for Otakon 2014?


That said that means I will be Good Cop Bad Cop Saturday, and BLU Spy on Friday!  Even though I am BLU not RED…For Spy I’ll have a bucket (for people to put final wishes in!) and if I get ambitious and have time, a ‘death watch’ prop too.  I had wanted to also be my Nightmare Stag on Friday but it would suck to spend the time to put it on just to take it off by 5pm to be in Spy on time for the shoot at 7pm.  I’m still a little up in the air about it.

Sunday I will be Punk Rainbowdash most likely, or if lambylimbs is up for it can I whip up a Closet cosplay of Will Graham, LOL?  ;)  Cause the other days we won’t get to cosplay match together…

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I hate to keep asking about your GCBC costume but I'm trying to make one myself. Where did you get the walkie talkie? And what kind is it? Like, how would one look it up? Thanks in advance.

I actually am using a CB Radio mic!  My dad had an extra (he has old CB radio in his one van).  I liked how big and thick the curled wire was, nice and cartoony.  I just tuck the end of it into my belt in the back and clip an old walkie talkie I also found lying around next to it (to hide the fact it goes nowhere LOL).   

You can try looking on ebay for a cheap, broken, or used one?  Look for “CB Radio Microphone” and search by ‘cheapest first’ of course.  I saw a couple for under $8 including shipping.

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ksclaw Asked:
Have a random, silly image: Sandy with a mini!PItch (because I remembered a drabble you requested from someone, where Sandy is teeny and I thought it needed a reversal o3o)




aw man the though of it is super cute! tho I not sure if tiny pitch is normal pitch in toy size or like my small sandy au idea, anyways, is super cute ahhhhhh!!

GAW precious!!!