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Got Tomodachi life and it is amazing. I shall have better photos up later !

I freaken snorted omfg <3

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psykopsy Asked:
Your Sniper music is FUCKTY FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!! If you were trying to seduce me, congrats, you just did it! My goodness, so sexy!

Aw wow, thanks!!  I am not much of a music mixer, it was something I did for fun, and it was never really finished due to my old computer crashing, but I am glad you enjoyed it!  :)
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Pinning down the theme for my Fairy-Kei-Lolita-raver outfit thing.

The struggle is real.

Basically it is a Mint-Pink theme with a little bit of baby yellow but also some light tealish-blue, partly because I already have a lot of light-tealish-blue accessories to go with.  I felt bad at first to mix in some normal-light-blue but as a whole I think it will work out.  Fluffy wooly dread falls on the wig with all the colors will also help.  A lot will hinge on when the wig arrives and what color it is irl. 


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I play Medic and I legit will uber a Sniper if they use that voice command on me cause like, damn, SEDUCE ME.

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I’ve seen a few people doing these and with all the Pokemon cards I’ve got laying around I just had to try it…plus I wanted an excuse to bust out the acrylics. I think I’m addicted.

If anyone wants to buy them they’re up for grabs on my brand new Etsy shop!

Holy shit what a cool idea and what awesome job with your painted additions!!

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You know when you sleep on your hair wet and you wake up like - ?

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Dearly beloved…




Just today I decided to go on DeviantArt and type in search “Rise of the Guardians”.

Then something hit me, it actually brought me back in time.

I remember when everyone was anticipating this movie.


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ROTG will always hold a special place in my heart.  Even if I’m not making art or writing fic super actively (Though I don’t plan to take Pitch off my cosplay roster anytime soon), it’s a series/movie that has had a profound effect on my life. From making some really awesome friends, to helping me get over my irrational fear of the dark, to giving me what could be my top OTP (and I don’t like to play favorites with my OTP’s, but yea, Pitch/Sandy is just about the best thing ever for me).

So indeed, ROTG fandom, know you are dear and beloved! 

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"Hey look buddy, we’re in an anime beach episode!"

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This has been a while on my hard drive and I forgot to upload it

for my dearest darlings nightpounce and mira-eyeteeth

This is gorgeous

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Fly on you golden girl
And take on your fears
I’ll be with you in your dreams
The world is darker than it seems

Child of Light

Otakon 2014

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LILY you made 3 COSTUMES you are INSANE.  You look fantabulous!  My lil plushie you commissioned was the cherry on top of your amazing work.  So glad to make it for you!

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do you ever look at your friends and you are like "Holy shIT YOU ARE SO CUTE AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I AM  SO GLAD aND lUCKY  WE R FRIENDS HOLY CRAp"

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Holy balls I kinda want that yellow set just for the boxers.  Like how cute is that? 

Also you know the adults are buying all your merch for themselves when all the largest sizes are always sold out. 

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The Five Nights at Freddy’s sequel looks great



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Pitch coming into a child’s room and encountering a dreamcatcher.

Pitch getting caught in said dreamcatcher.

Pitch tangled up and muffled screaming.

Pitch finally resigning himself to his fate.

Pitch in dreamcatchers is one of my favorite things.